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Wheels Fest 2012 – Drift, Stunt, Freestyle Motocross & Girls – Motorcycles and Cars drifting

TCS RACING TRACK – Neuchâtel – Switzerland Production : Switch Riders – www.facebook.com Camera : Cyril Scharff, Nicolas Urbina, TheTeamRacing, Florian Gluszka Montage / Edit : Jérémy Mérirès Music : Savant – Heartmakers & Audiomachine Guardians At The Gate(Access Denied dubstep edit) The Wheels Fest has set out to create a totally unique event revolving around cars, motorbikes, trucks and skateboards and coloured by fascinating variety of different lifestyles and music genres. Our diverse and innovative festival programme includes a fantastic mix of concerts, exhibitions and demonstrations that spell an entire weekend of fascination and fun! Our goal is to establish a festival that will develop over time into an international event that attracts people from all walks of life. The Wheels Fest’s values? Open-mindedness, team spirit and freedom! Le Wheels Fest a pour ambition de rassembler voitures, motos, camions et skates pour créer un événement unique en son genre, où s’entremêleront divers styles de vie et de musique. Fun, riche et innovant, notre festival est le fruit d’un savant mélange entre concerts, expositions et démonstrations menés à un train d’enfer durant tout un weekend! Notre objectif est de construire au fil des années un festival d’ampleur internationale qui stimulera la curiosité du public venu d’horizons variés. Les valeurs du Wheels Fest? Ouverture d’esprit, partage et liberté ! Remerciements / special thanks : Wheels Fest : www.wheelsfest.com – www

POLITE SLAUGHTER – Happy Wheels – (Episode 17)

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ULTRA INSANE DIFFICULTY – Happy Wheels – (Episode 41)

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