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A Harvey Nichols Christmas 2011 – Ever faced the Walk of Shame?

Turn a Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride with Harvey Nichols this Christmas – http://ow.ly/7OAJ2 Share your walk of shame on http://www.twitter.com using …
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Cute pet sheep going for a walk

My pet sheep Imogen and Tinkerbell love it when I am outside, they can then follow me wherever I go. Sheep make good pets, they are as smart as goats but they do not have the devil in them like goats do. This makes them trainable and much easier to live with. Sheep are sweet and become very fond of their owners. The dog is my standard poodle Rune. Note: Both sheep are cross breds. The young sheep, Tinkerbell, her father was a Texel and her mother was a Romanov, Columbian, Polypay cross. The old sheep, Imogen, is of unknown parentage but a sheep expert friend of mine thinks she is a Dorset or a Dorset cross. Sheep are easy to take care of. To keep them happy and safe, you need a little shed for them and a dog proof paddock. A field of grass is also needed for maximum sheepy contentment. They are fed hay in the winter. Once a year they have to be shorn ( I get a professional sheep shearer to do it) and occasionally they need their hooves trimmed, which is easy to do yourself with a pair of sharp plyers.

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