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Edewcate english rhymes – Walking through the jungle nursery rhyme

Walking through the jungle, Walking through the jungle, What do you see?. What do you see?. Thought l heard a noise. Shh, Shh, Shh, What can it be?. What can it be?. Oh well, l thought it was a (snake), ssss, ssss, Thought it was a (snake), ssss, ssss, Thought it was a (snake), ssss, ssss,…

Ellen Through Time

She’s come a long way! In her monologue, Ellen reflected on the path she’s taken through her career. Before her sitcom, she appeared in a commercial that made a big splash, and we found it on the internet!

MAX the cute Staffy dog tries to get through a door with a rake in his mouth!(ORIGINAL!)

This is my dog Max, he is the most lovable dog in the world, he just lacks some basic intelligence! This is the ORIGINAL video. Here’s another video of him a while ago www.youtube.com
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