One Hell of a Long Day – A Summer Working at the South Pole

Google Tech Talk (more below) March 21, 2011 Presented by David Pablo Cohn. ABSTRACT The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station sits almost two miles up on an unbroken two-thousand mile wide ice sheet at the center of the coldest, highest, driest and emptiest continent in the world. David Pablo Cohn spent three months working for the US Antarctic Program there, doing tech support for some of the most interesting people and craziest science projects on the planet.
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Summer time fun!

Sara and Kylee summer of 2012
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A Justin Bieber Love Story, Summer Love♥ Ep. 58.

Pictuuures’ of Jenny nd Catalina in here ! (: nnnd Laura; she’s real. i dnt like her, so thats why i used her name ! 😛 & onnn withh the storyy ! ;D ************************************************************** Justin: you want to?! Courtney: no but your not here anyways! Justin: I’m not cuttin our relationship It hurts you even bring that up Courtney: I don’t want to it was a suggestion Justin: baby no Courtney: I guess I’m already used to you bieng away Justin: soon, well get a place together and get married and have babies Courtney: *smiles* soon – @ dinner- Usher: so Justin you ready to go back on tour? Justin: nope. Usher: I’m sorry really man Justin: I know Ryan: how much more are you gunna be gone Justin: like 6 more months Courtney: *looks down* Justin: *grabs her hand under the table* Ryan: six months?! Chaz: god you might as well live on that bus Jenny: be nice Chaz Usher: you guys have to support him Courtney: we do Christian: We really do Courtney: *fake smiles* Justin: nice try Courtney: *giggles* Justin: no worries, I’ll come home soon Usher: time will go by fast Ryan: we can come visit right? Justin: sure Usher: and he’ll have breaks. Justin: and the vma’s Usher: oh you should bring them Justin: yeah Ryan: your coming for my birthday right Usher: when is it? Ryan: in four months, the 18 Usher:*checks phone* yeah he has that week off Chaz: were planning a pool party Justin: diving board championship? Courtney: I won last time Justin: cause you kicked me in

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