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World’s Only Scuba Diving Cat

Meet the world’s only scuba diving cat
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Dare MattG – 22 (Bromosexual Prank call, Kitchen Scuba diving, justin bieber)

CHECK OUT www.daremattg.com and follow for updates!!! CHECK OUT http HEY! Welcome to dare mattg. Based on user comments and questions taken from youtube comments, twitter tweets, facebook wall posts. I have put together the newest episode of dare mattg. I answer your hard hitting important questions and do your silly yet fun to do dares. GET READDY!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE! Im not sure if you realize this but just because you watch my videos you have given me all the support in the world. I really appreciate the support of all my viewers in making DARE MATTG my greatest responded to video series next to Fixin Things! To continue to help me make these dare mattg videos please share these videos with your friends and family! The more comments, video responses, ratings helps me keep this series going. If you ever wanted to talk to me shoot me an @reply on twitter @MattG124 I respond to almost EVERYTHING! If you have an interesting dare or question you want featured in the next one leave a comment , tweet @ me with #daremattg or post on my FB wall. I will go threw and pick the best ones for the next video! Id just like to point out for those of you who complain that i pick “the stupid dares” as of right now i am not about to embarrass my self or get hurt, I pick dares that I can have fun with and still make (in my opinion) funny. All my social networking SEND ME STUFF MattG124 PO Box 24116 301 OXFORD ST W. London ON Canada N6H5C4 MERCH: ‪www
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Scuba Diver Multiplication (Cool School)

Learn how to multiply with Professor Skience in this Cool School math video. If you have 6 scuba divers and you multiply that by 2, how many scuba divers are scuba diving? 6 x 2 = ??? Subscribe for more Cool School! www.youtube.com Learn and play with a cast of crazy teachers and funny cartoons. Dive into a book with Miss Booksy. Solve some math and science problems with Professor Skience and his ridiculous animal friends! And help Ron Gets it Wrong get it right! All this and more! Welcome to Cool School! The Cool School is a safe video network for kids. The School hosts aspirational, educational, and informational videos for kids. TAGS: scuba divers “scuba divers” ocean snorkeling multiply “multiplication tables” “times tables” “multiplication quiz” math problem “math problem” Adding “addition problem” “addition homework” “math homework” “fun math” “make math fun” fun education Mathematics “kids games” “games for kids” “kid friendly entertainment” educational “animation funny” “videos for kids”
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