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Russ Rollins on Roof of Garage trying hang Christmas Lights Epic Fail

Russ Rollins is afraid of heights and unsuccessfully hangs christmas lights on his garage and can’t get down

Henry Rollins – Young Person

This video is not meant to promote any particular political view. All material is cited below. Visit bigthink.com or their YouTube channel for interviews from today’s top minds in philosophy, science, and more. Narration: Henry Rollins’ Letter to a Young American – www.youtube.com Full Transcript: bigthink.com Henry Rollins’ Letter to a Young American (Part 2) – www.youtube.com Full Transcript: bigthink.com Music Apparat – Sweet Unrest itunes.apple.com Video: Time Lapse School – Test – www.youtube.com Or Yarok – Road Safety Commercial. Empty School. – www.youtube.com Snow Falling at Night 1080P HD Kodak Zi8 – www.youtube.com Fraud Bernie Madoff Pushed by Photographer – www.youtube.com London Riots Motorcycle Jacked – www.youtube.com Savage beating, robbery caught on tape – www.youtube.com LONDON RIOTS: Horrific scenes the media didn’t show last night! – www.youtube.com HDR Time Lapse – Sunset Over Train Tracks – www.youtube.com Running on Empty – www.youtube.com Nice long cirrus clouds passing timelapse HD V08896 – www.youtube.com GOD HATES FAGS!!! – www.youtube.com AP Top Stories – www.youtube.com Norway Killer Tells Court He’d Do It Again – www.youtube.com The Early Show – Teen bullying victim dead in apparent suicide – www.youtube.com Security an Issue As Somalia Aid Ramps Up – www.youtube.com Muslim Woman Beaten to Death in Possible Hate Crime (California) – She Died on March 24th 2012 – www.youtube.com Vancouver Riots – Man Attempting to Stop Looters Gets Beaten
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