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Russian Road Rage And Road Fight Compilation!

Ignore* Russian road rage fights car crash compilation 2012 funny automobile cars “Road (Literature Subject)” “Russia (Country)” Accident Chase Police Crash…
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Crazy Woman Has Road Rage – CAR and DRIVER

Comedians Jim Florentine and Sherrod Small battle it out in three new categories, including “Road Rage” and “Sick Ride.” Viewers decide whether nose picking or vomiting is more disgusting. Jim and Sherrod reveal episode one’s winner and loser. Hoon (h??n) vt. To participate in vehicular shenanigans, eg burnouts, reverse 180s, sweet jumps. n. A person participating in said ridiculousness. Hosted by Sherrod Small and Jim Florentine, The Full Hoon highlights and/or ridicules the week’s biggest car news and most popular automotive viral videos. Sherrod and Jim try to one-up each other with the best clips, with the viewers voting on which one wins—and deciding a virtual punishment for the loser. Subscribe! bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly Facebook: on.fb.me Four Year Old*** www.youtube.com -A Four year old driving in some other country… Girl gets run over by a kid car www.youtube.com -little girl is pushing a baby carriage and then another kid in a toy car runs her over Driver Fight, Car Fight **www.youtube.com -Two guys get out of the car and start fighting. The guys push each other and then get into the cars at like the same time and the guy hits his car…the guy shooting the video is laughing too. Women gets out of her car **www.youtube.com Woman picking nose ***www.youtube.com Pull Over Bro ****www.youtube.com -A dude with a hangover whines to his friends to “pull over bro” to throw up, he doesn’t make it out of the car and pukes all over himself Connect with Sherrod Small: o
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GreenLight – GreenLight – Traffic Police – cartoon for kids, educational videos safety road

GreenLight is a cartoon series for childrens about road safety educational videos. Lucio and the instructor will teach us the importance of the traffic police on keeping the traffic in order and on helping the pedestrians. By not paying attention to a traffic policeman, Victor and his father will get into a big mess from which they will only be able to escape with the help of Carla. A traffic agent with greenlight explain with examples the security on a car, bus or when you walk in the street. This educational videos help to learn about the basic Traffic road Safety Regulations in a funny way with Green Ligth. Kids educational videos about traffic signs, security, safe driving… Cartoon educational animation for kids and family Produced by © Motion Pictures, SA – www.motionpic.com Format 26×5′ – 3D HDTV Target: 4 to 8. View more videos about traffic security: www.youtube.com Suscribe to the channel: www.youtube.com View other cartoon series: www.youtube.com Motion Pictures social: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Pinterest: pinterest.com
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