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Press Your Luck | June/Scot/Veronica, pt. 3

The final and closing moments of this fabulous PYL episode of 1984

Wii U – GamePad 720 [HD] ‘nintendo press conference 2012’

GamePad 720 [HD] ‘nintendo press conference 2012’ LOS ANGELES — Nintendo on Tuesday revealed more about its upcoming Wii U video game console, including more than 20 games in development and new uses for its GamePad screen. But consumers will have to wait a while longer to know exactly what the system, expected in stores this holiday season, will cost and when they can buy it. “We will be sharing information on the launch date, price and launch lineup well before they need to make those (shopping) decisions,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “From our perspective, now is not the right time.” Instead, Nintendo at its Electronic Entertainment Expo press event Tuesday focused on the games in the works and how they are different from those on the current Wii system. The Wii U pairs a more powerful high-definition console system with a new wireless, motion-sensitive tablet controller. During a one-hour E3 presentation, Fils-Aime and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto discussed how the tablet can be used in tandem with current Wii remotes, and as a “social window” to new methods of play and connecting with others. “For 30 years, game machines … couldn’t take on a more important role than the TV itself,” Miyamoto said. “We knew our next system was going to have its own dedicated screen even if it had to be small. We wanted it to be the first screen people went to when they went into the living room.” Miyamoto held up a black Wii U GamePad controller (it also
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