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Indian Waxing Salon Prank Call – OwnagePranks

Click SHARE above to share it with your friends on facebook/twitter! 🙂 I prank called a waxing Salon as a hairy Indian guy inquiring about some pricing, hope you like it! Add me to facebook/twitter/myspace! THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO KNOW ABOUT MY LIVE SHOWS! (which are done randomly) Follow me on Twitter if you have it, I ALWAYS post about any live show I do on there, whether I intend for it to be a big or small show facebook.com twitter.com myspace.com Subscribe to my 2nd channel for short pranks & extras! youtube.com Register on my website/forum and join the community there! 🙂 ownagepranks.com Sign up for OwnagePranks VIP if you’d like to chat with me and have access to the VIP-exclusive prank library! It is only .47 with coupon code ‘078’ [All features listed on the site] http Subtitles by: youtube.com

Enzyte Order Prank Call – OwnagePranks

Please subscribe to my other account, which will now be used as a backup and for more random videos. youtube.com This was a prank request I got, I called someone’s house trying to confirm a bogus order for Enzyte’s Penis Enhancement pillls. Some of the stuff I say is pretty ridiculous, and yet they still stayed on the line, lmao. Enjoy! Become my facebook fan! www.facebook.com Follow me on Twitter! www.twitter.com OwnagePranks.com Subtitles by Liam Dunn http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Saki Express Asian Cancellation Prank Call – OwnagePranks

This is a prank call I did pretending to be the owner of an Asian restaurant, inquiring about when Gary would pick up the (bogus) food he ordered. I mess with a guy quite a bit, an it’s pretty funny 🙂 Become my facebook fan! www.facebook.com Follow me on Twitter! www.twitter.com Add me on MySpace! myspace.com OwnagePranks.com Subtitles by DjMuffs http Go leave ’em a nice comment about the subtitles 🙂

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