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I have full copyright permision to show this video! comment&subscribe for more 😉 btw i know its not 2012 yet but still i liked making the video and i hope u…
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Black Jack TV – Full Episode 30 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

Black Jack and Pinoko are staying at a mountain-top resort hotel. A man who was trapped under a falling tree and in critical condition is brought in. Despite the son’s pleas, the doctor on-call refuses to treat him due to a strike at the hotel and leaves.

Cee Lo Green – Cry Baby Official Video Review (Spoof / Parody)

I just watched the brand new music video by Cee Lo Green (link below) “Cry Baby” featuring Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel) playing Cee Lo It was great to see the former Family Matters star (and Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor) dancing around and being cool but man, I would’ve used this as an opportunity to reunite the whole cast of Family Matters including Carl Winslow, Eddie, Rachel, Lil Richie, Waldo and Myra. Doggonit!! 2nd CHANNEL – youtube.com Cee-Lo “Cry Baby” Video – www.youtube.com

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