Pictuuures’ of Jenny nd Catalina in here ! (: nnnd Laura; she’s real. i dnt like her, so thats why i used her name ! 😛 & onnn withh the storyy ! ;D ************************************************************** Justin: you want to?! Courtney: no but your not here anyways! Justin: I’m not cuttin our relationship It hurts you even bring that up Courtney: I don’t want to it was a suggestion Justin: baby no Courtney: I guess I’m already used to you bieng away Justin: soon, well get a place together and get married and have babies Courtney: *smiles* soon – @ dinner- Usher: so Justin you ready to go back on tour? Justin: nope. Usher: I’m sorry really man Justin: I know Ryan: how much more are you gunna be gone Justin: like 6 more months Courtney: *looks down* Justin: *grabs her hand under the table* Ryan: six months?! Chaz: god you might as well live on that bus Jenny: be nice Chaz Usher: you guys have to support him Courtney: we do Christian: We really do Courtney: *fake smiles* Justin: nice try Courtney: *giggles* Justin: no worries, I’ll come home soon Usher: time will go by fast Ryan: we can come visit right? Justin: sure Usher: and he’ll have breaks. Justin: and the vma’s Usher: oh you should bring them Justin: yeah Ryan: your coming for my birthday right Usher: when is it? Ryan: in four months, the 18 Usher:*checks phone* yeah he has that week off Chaz: were planning a pool party Justin: diving board championship? Courtney: I won last time Justin: cause you kicked me in