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What The F**k?! – Gamer Pranks

www.facebook.com twitter.com Keep watching The WTFJoe Show every Mon,Wed, and Fri for your Video Game News! Fourth episode of The WHAT THE F**K?! Show! Today’s episode, I look at gamer prank calls and XBox Live pranks! – A guy prank calls Walmart and uses Peppy Hare’s famous “Do a barrel roll” line. – A kid prank calls Gamestop, but the employees play along, instead of get frustrated. – A guy pranks a mother on XBox Live, by making her think he’s a Microsoft rep, but she flips out! Do a Barrel Roll! Prank: www.youtube.com Gamestop Prank Call: www.youtube.com Mother Goes Insane on XBox Live: www.youtube.com
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The Addicted Gamer vs the master of bad video games

the evil mastermind that forced the gamer to play yoshis story in the last episode now forces the gamer to play superman 64 can he and his friend succeed? Episode:3 Credits: Jordan Farrow – UBERGEEKZILLA Darien West Terrence Spencer – ThatLittleFunnyDude
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The Online Gamer – Bloopers

The Online Gamer: Season 1 on iTunes, Xbox & PSN – BUY IT NOW! -‪bit.ly Go to www.recklesstortuga.com to see the latest video early!!! Here is a collection of our favorite screw-ups from our favorite gamer…
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