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New Fun Comedy with a Sci-Fi Twist and a Catchy Song that You and all of your Family, Friends, and Animals will Enjoy! Stand Up Intro. Kids will play this one over and over! “Friendly Aliens Land at WONDER MOUNTAIN Nevada”. Original Video and Music by “Mark Bullet”. Fleas In The Mornin’ is actually the “Alternate Title” for “My Dog Bear” a Comedy Skit/Song Published in 1996. It was offered to the “Jeff Foxworthy Show” in 1997. A full episode Teleplay from the author was landed on Jeff Foxworthy’s desk just prior to the cancellation of the show. If it had been produced, the script called for Jeff to sit down at the end of the episode and perform the comedy skit/song. A Full Feature Sci-Fi Action Adventure Screenplay is currently “in the works”, in addition to many other creative projects on the agenda. Mark Bullet has written and produced many recordings of multiple genres. He has also authored a series of Sci-Fi Action Adventure Film Scripts which have not yet been offered for sale or production. You are welcome to visit FleasInTheMornin.com for more information and updates as they are provided.
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Funny Children

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Boom & Reds – Guess the picture with children, video cartoon – pencil

Play with the children to guess the sketch Reds are drawing. Today they have decided to form an element used to write and draw, and you can delete Boom & Reds is an animation cartoon series for preschoolers and toddlers. Boom is a friendly purple ogre, that each episode will try to guess what is created on the floor by his friends the Reds, a multitude of small and funny mushrooms. Unfortunately, Boom is not the smartest ogre, but his crazy suggestions make funny moments for children. Visual game, puzzles for children, who try to discover together the puzzles in Boom, developing imagination and intelligence association. Entertainment and leisure activities and games for kids Produced by Motion Pictures Inc. www.motionpic.com Format 104×4′ – 3D HDTV Target: Preschool More cartoon videos Boom & Reds: www.youtube.com Subscribe to the Channel: www.youtube.com More cartoon shows: www.youtube.com Motion Pictures in Facebook: www.facebook.com Motion Pictures in Twitter: twitter.com Motion Pictures in Pinterest: pinterest.com
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