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Tron Light Bike ( Lithium Powered )

Need Web Hosting : tinyurl.com Gotta admit, as a Milwaukee kid there is something about the throaty roar of a Harley Davidson that warms the cockles. But the all-electric Light Cycle modeled after the machines in Tron makes a head-snapping case for whisper-quiet technology. It is the creation of Parker Brothers Choppers out of Texas and Evolve Motorcycles, a made-in-America startup building electric scooters that are actually a zippy good time. Since the latest Lithium ion batteries are so small (thanks, cell phone engineers!), motorcycle designers can go nuts with new concepts and this 000 baby is proof. But the Parker Brothers still love their internal combustion, so we also checked out their grown-up Green Machine, a modern spin on the old Big Wheel rival built around a Harley Davidson engine. Check it out. Need Web Hosting:- bit.ly Lets talk about it :- www.brokeout.com
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Cruiser VS Sport Bike – Which to Buy

My 3rd and final attempt at tackling this topic on that day.
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11 year old does backflip on bmx bike (Windells bmx edit!!)

went to windells and recorded some stuff with my borther and 2 friends. My brother is trying to get sponsered, so anyone that might know somebody or can give us info on how to get him sponsered that would be great!!!!!
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