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Surviving a Crash – Level Asian

I need your help finding hilarious videos & I’ll credit you for helping me find it! Send in ones you find on Youtube or submit your own here: the2bucks.com Kitty Knockout: www.youtube.com Surviving a Crash Level Asian Copyright issue? Send me a message and we’ll get it resolved ASAP.
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Filipino Accent: Funny Asian Comedy Prank!

Filipino Accent GUYS! THIS VIDEO IS A JOKE! ME AND MY MOM ARE CLOSE AND THIS IS HOW WE PLAY! BIRUAN PARA SA MGA PINOY VIEWERS OK!?? HUWAG SERYOSOHIN!! DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY OK!? just went to the mall to buy a purse but it took 2 hours for her to pick what she wants!!! heres what happened when we got home!!! www.facebook.com facebook BGM MUSIC USED with permission! my brother’s band: www.myspace.com

Used Diaper Prank (Asian Accent) – Ownage Pranks

This is from my recent live show (if you missed it, follow me on twitter to catch the next one) I hope you guys like it! New video should be up on my main channel next week! The girl I called is one ignorant b*tch, lol. I’m uploading this in hopes of making you laugh, please don’t let her ignorance upset you too much 🙂 twitter.com facebook.com Main Channel: youtube.com Shirts! districtlines.com New into made by the awesome Ricardo Casco – Digitalricky.com

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