Video is posted in accordance with the WarZ Alpha NDA as laid out here ALPHA TEST INFORMATION DISCLOSURE RESTRICTIONS. YOU AGREE NOT TO use third party image and video capture software to capture the output of the Software as audio, video and/or still image files for personal, public and/or commercial purpose, post any information about the game to any internet resource, except specially designated ALPHA TEST forum at until NOVEMBER 5TH, 2012 This has been posted to act as a snap shot of how the developers update the game Things to be fixed at this stage IMO • Spawn killing – have designated safe zones • Zombies shuffling running on the spot – they don;t follow / chase you • Rate of Zombies spawns (especially when above is fixed) • Zombie health – especially from melee attacks (when compared to human health they must have private medical) • Longer run time / quicker walk speed – related to map size • Effectiveness of “food & drink” to have longer effects – twenty minutes & you are thirty • Smaller maps or include vehicles – especially how short the run time is / comsumables • Implement a bandit system – discourage people from smash & grab attacks & encourage party play • Chemical lights are not 100Watt bulbs – please scale lighting accordingly