Brought to you by 2NE1 Fansite 2NE1vn DL ================================ This MV is about the story between a boy & a girl (Bommie). – The first part is her dream : she wants to marry the boy she loves but in the fact he is in trouble with diseases. – The second part: she visits his grave; when she looks at her book, she remembers something in the past…The word in the book is “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you” (Sorry for my English. I’m not good at it) ================================ This is the 1st solo single of 2NE1 Park Bom (YG Entertainment). Please support her. Lyrics of this song: (for those who don’t know Vietnamese) (cre: happy virus + GEE @ YGLadies) No matter what happens Even when the sky is falling down I’ll promise you That I’ll never let you go You When I fall down Help me up again and again Without ever wavering With your strong gaze And you When it’s too much for me to handle At the edge of the cliff with sadness You find me again without fail To you, who held my hands *I’ve never done anything for you And although I’m poor I sing this song for you today Tonight, in your eyes I see the pain that you hid for my sake Behind that smile You and I together It just feels so right Never say break up No matter what anyone says I will protect you You and I together Don’t let go of my hands Never say goodbye Because you’re the only one in this world for me* Like many other people As expected, our love will change gradually