TeamUG Fan Leaderboard (activity): Starting Point EP MP3 Download: This is a song I recently wrote and that really means a lot to me. Also, it reminded me of the fact that life is a songwriter’s best source of inspiration :] This version is far from the way it’s supposed to be but I felt like sharing it with you guys anyways. Enjoy. :] Lyrics: [Verse 1] Boy meets girl and everything starts to fall in place Couple days pass til they start to date A look in her eyes And he knows that this is different But sometimes he feels overwhelmed Cause the feelings new Uncertain about the future Cause hes insecure This girl makes him feel Like no one made him feel Before her [Pre Hook] What have you done To me Ive never ever felt so helpless But dont get me wrong Dont leave Cause I meant to say that [Hook] Baby I love Spending my time with you The little things that you do Your kiss on my cheek The way your voice sounds Oh so soft and sweet And its true My heart belongs to you No more excuses Promise Ill be there when youre calling me Baby now I know, its so clear to see [Post- Hook] That I love I love The way you show you care about me No holding back Know that I want you to see Theres nowhere else I wanna be But right here Yes right here [Verse 2] Matters of love A mystery Ive never figured out Lovers fall apart Not many work it out (So) why do people try When the odds are all against them? Sharing
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