Info/Friend/Follow: http Directed by: Paul B. Cummings & Tony Fiandaca Tony vs Paul info and FAQs: A stop motion battle between two friends turned enemies. FAQ’s 1. The video took two months to film and edit. 2. The music is available here: 3. Nothing is fake and no green screens were used. The only computer animated part was the letters falling on the page. 4. Yes, we really did jump all those times. 5. I edited it with Final Cut Pro 6. The camera we used was a Canon GL1 with both digital stills being taken, and footage being shot. 7. It was filmed in Massachusetts in the following towns: Arlington, Medford, Upton, Gloucester 8. There are 4000+ still shots in the video. rate & leave comments on imdb: Written & Directed by: Paul Cummings & Tony Fiandaca Starring: Paul Cummings & Tony Fiandaca Edited by: Paul Cummings Music by: Chris Donovan