iTUNES: WEBSITE: This Far Say Chance Original Song Written by Kelly Rosenthal, Madeleine Freeman and Taylor Broom. Hey everyone! Here’s our first original song together; we finished it last week. We’re now officially known as “Say Chance.” Let us know what you think! Lyrics You tried to take control that I steered But I’ve got my wheel, and I’m not letting go. You lied, and now I’m drying my tears. Without my fears, I’m taking back my hold. CHORUS: Now I realize it never should’ve gone this far. ‘Cause I’ve cried through being lied to, And I’m over being torn apart. You can listen and might try to understand, Like you ever gave a damn. Baby, better’s never giving you a chance. You made it hard to find direction ‘Cause that false connection was too hard to ignore. I caved into your sick affection. A rear view reflection of you falling back As I’m on my way forward. CHORUS I know you never were about me. It’s easier to doubt me Than to let me let you go. You’ll start to bleed ’cause you can’t do your part. You see, your sweet little blade was always so sharp. CHORUS x2 TABS: If you cover this song, I will love you forever 🙂