This is the first time we take a look around Skyloft in somewhat “great” detail. We’ll come back more and more as the game goes on for the side-quests and stuff. We’re just getting started! To those asking where I got it: The game seems to be in all major stores across the UK right now from what I’m seeing and there’s also people saying it’s out in other countries, I’m not sure what happened there, but if anyone’s in Scotland, I got mine from GeForce (a friend of mine works at GeForce and put it out for delivery when they got it in the store.) Thanks for watching guys! — Links you should check out! — Like my page on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: — Support, if you wish! — If you really want to help me out you can also donate via paypal, but ONLY if you really want to! Paypal donations are really appreciated and will be used to equipment towards these videos being produced (PC upgrades, hardware replacements if one breaks or buying new games/consoles to record)