3:16 the 9th Edition Damn time’s done changed these thugs do what they like Some of them be your friends to try and find a new wife And still hit the block and slang rocks at night But you could be dead wrong with your pockets right Contrary to what the legendary BIG had to say You don’t have to sell drugs or make the NBA It’s easy to get a grant and get an MBA To achieve one goal there’s more than one way Young people on the whole we have lost our way I don’t care what it cost I’m not impressed my nigga That throwback jersey is a dress my nigga I remember diamonds used to be girl’s best friend Enslaving Black children with them third world gems I don’t care about your rims, kids ride Big Wheels Up until they learn balance and it’s obvious you haven’t With way more ego than you have true talent Any white boy who thinks he knows my struggle Cause he listens to Pac and his adrenaline doubles Now I ain’t got problems with you being yourself But when you front and use the N word, it just don’t help I might not trip, and your friends’ll laugh at you But I know some real niggaz that’ll straight up slap you Now you could be down, but let’s act growed up Cause we ain’t the same color when police show up My culture’s not a trend, being Black is not in But for you it’s just a phase you’re gonna have to transcend While even if I tried, I could never blend in To society’s mainstream, American dream Yeah, it’s all one love, but remember one thing This music is my life, not a cultural
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