SUBSCRIBE TO US MORE SPOILER VIDEOS Every best picture winner in Oscar history spoiled in one take in under 5 minutes. Created by Benny & Rafi Fine Bollywood music by http Clothing provided by TAGS oscars best picture winners nominations 2008 2009 academy awards spoiler 100 plot twist alert movies endings film films preview trailer movie ruining video videos spoof acceptance speech parody end 1928 Wings Jack shoots down a german plane 1928 Sunrise 1929 The Broadway Melody 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front Paul is killed by Sniper fire reaching for a butterfly 1931 Cimarron Yancy has success on the frontier 1932 Grand Hotel The Baron is bludgeoned to death 1933 Cavalcade 1934 It Happened One Night Claudette Colbert Clark Gable 1935 Mutiny on the bounty The King pardons Byam 1936 The Great Ziegfeld Ziegfeld great depression 1937 The Life of Emile Zola Zola gets Dreyfus freed 1938 You Can’t Take it With you The Kirbys and Sycamores clash 1939 Gone with the Wind Scarlett begs Rhett to stay “Frankly My Dear I don’t give a damn” 1940 Rebecca Maxim killed Rebecca and Mrs Danvers burns down Manderley 1941 How Green Was My Valley a coal mining accident kills Huw roddy mcdowell 1942 Mrs Miniver 1943 Casablanca Bogart makes Bergman “here’s lookin at you kid” 1944 Going My Way 1945 The Lost Weekend 1946 The Best Years of Our Lives 1947 Gentleman’s Agreement Kathy and Phil she isn’t antisemitic 1948
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