Thanks for watching everyone i hope i helped some people out, please leave a comment and thumbs up. Before i get to the information and other stuff i would really love it of you guys helped me spread this video by posting it around on forums, Facebook, twitter and other things like that; if you can’t do that please favorite the video. Thanks in advance. Mobavator: Sorry for bothering you guys about getting this video out there but it has been one of the longest videos i’ve made to date with 4 hours recording time,1 hour editing time, 2 hours render time and 8 hours upload time. Dimensions: Main Slab 32 x 32 (Underground 30 x 30). Spawning pads 14 x 14. Pads and Slab must be 2 blocks high. Roof should be 2 higher then the pads. Information: Hostile mobs will not spawn within 24 blocks of you. Hostile mobs will only spawn then its less then level 7 light. Hostile mobs only spawn on things that can be generated. The max amount of hostile mobs is 200 at one time. Difficulty level doesn’t change the spawn rate only the health (Use easy). —————————————————————————————– FAQs: Does rain affect this? – not that i know of. When you made yours on water it didn’t work will mine work on water? – yes as long as the map isn’t 100% water like i did (silly me) Mine isn’t spawning mobs this tutorial sucked – well its working for everyone else so you did something wrong. Why use signs not ladders? – Cause signs don