Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes us along for a Design Shopping Haul where falling in love with decorating items for your home is inevitable! Rebecca describes one of the most fun aspects of being in charge of a design project….. it’s being able to visualize the project from start to finish. This includes the purchasing of hundreds of fabulous accessory items and furniture pieces. In this video, Rebecca shows us some of her wonderful finds….. on the road to a beautifully decorated 6000 sq foot home in Southern California. The accent used by Greyson Darrow is used in fun and not intended to offend people who are actually from Scotland ­čÖé MaryKate Flannery… Rebecca’s shopping assistant Greyson Darrow …… Rebecca’s design assistant Roxy Robeson … Rebecca’s French Poodle Follow Rebecca and Robeson Design: http All accessory items were purchased from the Laguna Design center in Laguna California. Bassman and Blaine California Style Kravet Video Edited by Dorian Tucker Music used is owned by Dorian Tucker
Video Rating: 4 / 5