This video is about how I learned to induce lucid dreaming! *** I answered LOTS of comments below – if you’re curious about something, read through my answers in the comments.** Notes for you to keep are in this text box. 1. Remember your dreams & keep a DREAM JOURNAL. – make reminders around your room – don’t move: stay in the same position when you wake up – remember all the elements/events of your dream that you can – explore the 5 senses and see what comes back to you – walk back through what happened one event at a time to try and go back as far as you can into the dream’s story 2. Read your journal and make note of your DREAM SIGNS – note places, people, feelings, and elements that recur in your dreams – start noticing when you encounter these in real life – create a list of “alternate” dream signs in case your actual list of dream signs doesn’t include things you encounter regularly in waking life 3. Do REALITY CHECKS in waking life – when you see a dream sign IRL — STOP – check your hands – do they look normal? – check a clock – is it displaying properly? – check words/writing/signs – do they stay the same or change? – check gravity – when you jump, do you float down or drop? 4. When you become lucid, STAY IN THE DREAM – focus your attention to ONE thing and keep focused – try spinning or falling to keep dreaming through the “swooping” feeling There is WAY more incredible information and loads of TIPS in Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s book “Exploring the World of Lucid
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