Immense Z. CoD Final KillCams. Black Ops & Modern Warfare 2. Episode 15. It seems like a while since i uploaded ): hasn’t really been that long though, I am going to try and sort out hitting much better requested killcams but i didnt have much time and wanted to get this episode out, also some of the shots that people are posting are ones you would hit like once or twice ever, im not saying make your requests easier, im just saying make them maybe more acessable or likely for us to hit. Thanks. Also I want to thank everybody who watches my videos, subscribed to me, likes my videos, has been subbed from when i first started out, or has just discovered my channel, whatever you do I thank you all for helping my channel grow and progress as it has (: Episode 20 is going to be an all requests episode so even if you think we havent seen your request, we may just be saving it for episode 20, also i do read through every single comment you guys post (: No Black Ops clips at the moment because its pretty annoying to play, maybe we will get some on it when the DLC comes out. All public SnD. No match bonus comes up when you don’t get a kill or hitmarker that round, if you dont believe me try it yourself. Request A Killcam – Remember to request a killcam in the comments: For More Chance Of Your Request Being Hit. Please be creative, not ridiculous (:
Video Rating: 4 / 5