Heyo. Well you can stop complaining now, the first half of this damned thing is out. //glares at it// Inked in two dayssss. Because you people won’t leave me alooooone. Omnomnom. Oh, sorry you can’t hear lil’ Flutter, Tilly sent in her lines all funky so they only come out one speaker, so they sound really quiet. Couldn’t fix it. So here’s the bit of the script if you care what tomfoolery them two got up to: Baby Flutter: See this? I call this Moon Cliff! It doesn’t belong to anybody ’cause there’s no prey here, but when I’m big, I’m gonna claim it for the Pack of Falling Stars! Baby Fang: If there’s no prey here why do you want it? Baby Flutter: Well…if you come here on a windy night, and you close your eyes, [whispers] you can hear them howling. Baby Fang: Who? Baby Flutter: [leans in close with wide eyes] The spirits. Baby Fang: What? Baby Flutter: The spirits! You know, of dead wolves. They howl because they’re lonely and sad. I like to sit here and keep them company. Aooooo! [giggles]