Please read the Description Box/Info Box. This videos may contain Spoiler! Watch for your own risk! Klick here for the full playlist of this game: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .: Info about this Video :. Japanese Title: ロロナのアトリエ ~アーランドの錬金術師~, Rorona no Atorie ~Aarando no Renkinjutsushi~ English Title: Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland Platform: PlayStation 3 Developer: Gust Publisher: (JP) Gust, (NA) NIS America, (EU) NIS Europe Genre(s): Role-playing video game, Console role-playing game Mode(s): Single-player Language Option: English (English version) Voice Option: English, Japanese Theme song: Falling, The Star Light Composed By: Ken Nakagawa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I only record these games for Entertainment Purposes, for myself, friends and other people that have interest for the videos. I never record the video to show off my gaming skill; I’m just showing of the games. My videos isn’t about me, it’s about the game. This isn’t walkthrough. None of my video suppose to be one either, they just Gameplay/Playthrough. Recording Device/Program: – AVerMedia CaptureHD H727 .: AyaAnnyGaming Blog :. .: Facebook :. .: Live Gaming :. LiveSteam: ~~~~~~~ Enjoy the Video! ~~~~~~~
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