See the best video of 2012 – Stars including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Michelle Davis, George Clooney,Shailene Woodley, Christopher Plumme, Jean Dujardin and Viola Davis all arive at the Oscars! Did The Artist shock the competition into silence at the 2012 Academy Awards? Did The Help take a huge helping of Oscar goodness? Did Billy Crystal top total dictator Sacha Baron Cohen and his oversized ashtray? So let’s get to the best, the worst and the rest of the Oscars: MORE: Oscar Arrivals! Best Remake: Sure, we’ll get to the kvetching in a moment, but it was nice to see all the return of Billy Crystal and all the sweat he puts into making the show a good time. Worst Remake: Oh right, plenty of Crystal’s shtick jokes fell flat, from opening with a joke about his family watching the show Incredibly Loud and Unbelievably Close to his flat-falling post-Help joke, bar mitzvah gags and a not-so-funny riff on older actors like Max Von Sydow and Christopher Plummer. Best Kiss: Clooney and Crystal recreating a scene from The Descendants, which proves one thing: Given the chance, pretty much anyone, man or woman, will try to kiss that handsome Clooney mug. Biggest Surprises: Hugo wins the first two awards…which is only surprising in that the first award usually goes to Best Supporting Actress and the second…well, something else. MORE: Red Carpet Quotes! Biggest Beat: Well, as much as the Oscars are about the brave faces of those who didn’t win, this year’s big
Video Rating: 4 / 5