The 10 Greatest Farts In Live TV History !!! #1 Tiger Woods Lets One Rip #2 Charlie Rose Guest Is Red, Farts Are Blue #3 Leslie Neilsen Lets On Fly On Live Morning Show #4 Larry King Is Farting Live #5 BBC News Morning Show Fart #6 News Anchor “Leaks” A Fart On Live TV #7 Live Farting With Regis & Kelly #8 Chris Hitchens Farts On Hardball #9 Local Sports Anchor Hits Live TV Fart Home Run #10 Congressman Barney Frank Farts On Rachel Maddow Extra Tags:”fart””farts””fart live tv””farting in public””funniest live fart””news bloopers fart””huge fart””live tv fart””grape lady remix””live fart bloopers””mastercard priceless””ufc””chicken nugget king””maria carey””reporter bloopers fart””lose yorself lyrics””mysteryguitarman””turtle shoe””101 fart””megan farted””art williams””idol farting””target commercial 2012″”tummy growl””elevator fart””despre tine lyrics””go bwaaah””megafarts””funny american idol””death metal parrot””delilah””canidian american idol”” neighborhood””embarrassing””zombie freaks website””stupid bullfight””funniest fart””hot tub accident””eminem kim live””don diamont””ugly face edbassmaster””blood””farting preacher 4″”barbara jordan fights””whoseline gt nelson””dead bacon””mysterious fart””fart commercial””constantine falls””world loudest fart””ironman””pool fart””wipeout bloopers””tv bloopers 2011″”man meals””hot girl fart””oprah farts””farts video””star wars dog””workout instructor farts””try not laugh””weird gameshow contestant””leslie nielsen fart