Frank Nicotero is calling this a Mark-a-palooza, and good reason to. Another special game show hosts episode: two Marks play! The first Mark is Mark L. Walberg from Free 4 All, Temptation Island, but especially Russian Roulette! The second Mark is Mark deCarlo, the former host of Studs, and a big-time winner on Sale of the Century, which is posted by narzo. Here are our street contestants: JAIME: The youngest of 7 girls, and a big fan of Street Smarts by “accident” DOMONIQUE: A McDonald’s fry girl who ran into a wall…what was she thinking? TAZ: A guy who got the nickname from the Tasmanian Devil and was in a music video This here is Who Knew It? And guys, you don’t want to miss this episode. Besides the “You Fool!” blooper of Hollywood Squares, this is definitely one of my favorite funniest game show episodes of all-time (c) 2002 Telepictures Productions. I post these episodes for non-profit, entertainment purposes and no challenge of ownership of copyright is intended
Video Rating: 5 / 5