Out takes, bloopers, raw footage and a look behind the scenes taken straight from “The Hillywood Show” Episodes 14 and 15. HILLYWOOD TRIVA: DID YOU KNOW? During gun shot scenes in the Police Station’s hallway, Hilly ended up with shrap metal in her eye, which was then removed the next morning in an eye medical emergency facility. Some scenes of Episode 15 were being shot during film shoots for Episode 14. Hilly’s favorite video game is DDR and she plays on ‘difficult’ and ‘expert’ levels. Hilly Hindi and Ron Rodriguez rehearsed the mirror scene only once before the actual film date. Hilly was chewing winterfresh gum while impersonating “Tom Hanson”. The Parrot’s name is Lucy and she was only 8 months old when on set of “Hillywood”. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.TheHillywoodShow.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER www.Twitter.com OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com OFFICIAL MYSPACE: www.Myspace.com VIMEO ACCOUNT: www.vimeo.com CONTACT HILLY & HANNAH: Hilly Hindi: www.Twitter.com www.facebook.com www.Myspace.com Hannah Hind: www.Twitter.com www.facebook.com www.Myspace.com AWARDS: #51 – Most Discussed (Today) – Comedy #33 – Top Favorited (Today) – Comedy #44 – Top Rated (Today) – Comedy #98 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – United Kingdom #83 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Sweden
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