A exceptionally long and funny version of sportscenter’s not top ten segment from Friday, May thirteenth, 2012. 10 – Phil Mickelson is almost hit by a baseball bat that flew out of the batters hand. 9 – A trio of dropped pop flies and fly-outs. 8 – “Trips and Takeouts”: A series of spills and falls by players at baseball games, culminating with an over-eager fan tumbling onto the field while going for a ball in foul territory. 7 – Three bad missed dunks in separate basketball games. 6 – “Collisions and Crashes”: The Teddy Roosevelt mascot crashes into a couple of perogies, sending them toppling over. Then the first baseman crashes into an ump. Finally, an unfortunate Sportscenter cameraman crashes into something during taping. 5 – A couple of terrible first pitches by celebrities at baseball games. First Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump’s Lt. Dan) then Korean pop star Jessica Young. 4 – A couple of sports fashion funnies. First the Cardinals wear outrageous tuxedos on their road trip to LA to play the Dodgers. Then Kobe Bryant makes fun of Russell Westbrook’s bug red lens-less glasses. 3 – An overly emphatic umpire at a little league game with an exaggerated strikeout call. 2 – A problem with the door to the Devils penalty box at a Rangers-Devils playoff game delays play for several minutes. Zajac initially went to the Rangers box until the hinge was fixed. 1 – The umpires at a Nationals-Padres game forget to take the field after a short rain delay.
Video Rating: 4 / 5