A video about friendship, dedication and team spirit. “Brothers In Paint” starring Team Infected Kickass paintball action provided by www.RadicaLpaintball.be ; feel free to SUBSCRIBE RadicaLpaintball is a belgian project to promote the sport of paintball. Each year we organize speedball tournaments located in Vilvoorde, Belgium. These compo’s are for noobs only ­čÖé Just some people who never played the game getting together and having a good time. No woods, bushes, miniguns, snipers or grenades ­čÖé With this tourney we welcome the guys to an other side of the game: sup’air. And f*ck do I love sup’air. The excistence of leagues like PSP, college paintball, Millennium Series, BPL, NPL … Pro teams like Ironmen, Russian Legion, Philly Americans, Impact, Avalanche, Aftermath, XSV, Bushwackers… Manufacturers like Dye, Eclipse, JT…. and last but not least great paintball players like Ollie Lang and Maximus Lundqvist…. prove that this is a sport to be proud of. Make sure you also check out pbnation and techpb.