Grant and Patrick got trophies for their flag football league. I couldn’t resist showing you. I know this isn’t quite entertaining (category: people/blogs), but I love the reactions- especially Grant at the end. Unfortunately I’m not kidding about spondolysthesis, a herniated disc and arthritis in the spine, and a fractured sacrum. It’s actually genetic, they say, and not from my pratfalls. And I have to thank you commenters for diagnosing the sciatica when I described symptoms during my 5K video. After weeks of physical therapy, 3 epidurals and about 12 doctor’s appointments, the next step is (erg) surgery. Yuck. With a bulging, deflated disc, I’m not supposed to mess with chiropractics… Advice welcome from anyone who has faced this stuff! I’m fortunate it’s not worse and look forward to moving around without sporadic burning pain! Makes me grumpy and not the best dad, worker or video creator. ­čÖé