Check out this NEW MASK : ***PLEASE OPEN FOR THE BRAND NEW FAQ SECTION FOR THIS VIDEO! Twitter! Instagram! @nekoaesthetic Beautylish! Facebook! ********************** FAQ! ************************* “How long do I have to leave this mask on for?” – Only about 10-15 minutes. You could leave it on for longer, but generally masks really only need to stay on for 10-15 minutes at a time. “How often should I use this mask?” – I would say 1-2 times a week should be sufficient. I have used it for a month straight before, but I do not recommend that! You need to judge for yourself what your skin can handle. “How long does it take to WORK? When will I notice a difference in my skin?” – Personally, I noticed a difference the first time I used it. This mask will NOT help scars that are deep in the skin (‘pot hole’ acne scars), but it will have an effect on hyper-pigmentation (red scars & marks). You should notice a difference over 2-3 months with continued use. Keep in mind that hyper-pigmentation does naturally fade over time, too. “Can I use baking POWDER?” – Nope! Baking powder is something different, so don’t use it! “What about baking SODA?” – Yep, sure can! Baking soda and bi-carb soda are the same thing, just called differently depending on the country you are from (in Aussie land, it’s called bi-carb soda, in America land it’s called baking soda) “I can’t find TEA-TREE OIL anywhere? Where do I get it from?” – I