Like the vid? Click the link to tweet it: Check out the Totally Sketch T-SHIRTS!!! SUBSCRIBE: GET FREE FACEBOOK APP: FOLLOW: GET FREE PHONE APP: On June 24th, Apple released the new iPhone 4 to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic public response. My good buddy, Richard Ryan, waited in line for over 24 hours, and got the first iPhone 4 in Sherman Oaks. But “facetime video chat” was the last thing he had in mind for the device… muahahahaha. Special Thanks to: Richard Ryan – Jason Horton – Cool Guy With Glasses – Shooter – Retired Navy Seabee Craig Bissett Camera B – Dave Eaton Production Assistant – Chris Outlaw Slow Motion Camera by: Angeles Forest Shooting Range Rifle Barrett M82A1 Round: .50 BMG 647gr M33 ball cartridge Made by Michael Gallagher © 2010 Totally Sketch. All rights reserved.