On this week’s dog-themed Cheap Cool Crazy: A Yoda costume for your dog, pet GPS, and a dog house that puts your apartment to shame. Do you geek out over gadgets and go crazy for gear? Then join IGN’s Naomi Kyle as she presents three sweet products that’ll have you reaching for your creditcard. Check out this week’s episode then leave us a comment and you could win your own Tagg Pet Tracker. Want to buy the products featured in this episode? Then check out the CCC blog on IGN: www.ign.com CHEAP: Star Wars Dog Costume – .60 — .99 – www.amazon.com COOL Tagg Pet Tracker – .95 – www.pettracker.com CRAZY Canine Castle Luxury Kennel System – 75 and Up – buycaninecastle.com For more info on these products and more, make sure to check out our Pinterest at pinterest.com We have more original programming on the way, so subscribe now: www.youtube.com For the latest gaming news, reviews, and trailers, subscribe to IGN’s channel: www.youtube.com Here’s our full schedule: Up At Noon – Mondays @ 12pm Splinter Cell: Extinction – Tuesdays @ 12pm Cheap Cool Crazy – Thursday @ 12pm Mix’d Reviews – Friday @ 12pm
Video Rating: 4 / 5