Made by STORM.P – ORIGINAL VIDEO. ___________________________________ -No Cats were Seriously injured. Peering over the edge, this kitten looked too scared to clamber out of the loft. Bella takes a step forward as she carefully tries to make her way down the steps with Kimba lurking behind her. As the six month old kitten climbs carefully over the edge, she glances up at the Kimba who is watching her closely preparing to pounce. Then, just as she prepares to take her fifth step, Kimba reaches out playfully with a left paw and prods Bella’s behind sharply. The kitten – who was not injured – is sent tumbling down to the floor below by the mischievous cat. Despite taking a heavy tumble Bella was not injured as she fell. [Filmed by STORM.P] – kitten gets thrown down a loft ladder! kitten gets slapped by another cat Самое прикольное видео Кот сталкивает кота с лестницы Прикольное видео в котором кошка Кот сталкивает кота с лестницы ________________________________________________________ The Ellen show – Cat Gently Helping Another Cat Down Some Steps “Go Check it Out” – Ellen. “Cat’s Are just like Us” -Jimmy Kimmel – The Best cat video you’ll ever see!!__________________________________________________________ Brave kitten stands up to dog justin bieber performs boyfriend epic bacon liquor booze jack daniels musclesglasses harley morenstein sloppy joe pork baconstrips superbowl football manning brady nfl word of the day swog swag nigahiga ryan higa dtrix andrew garcia chester