Tinkerbell, my pet sheep, would love nothing more than to live in the house with us. Unfortunately sheep are rather incontinent and smell strongly of sheep, so it’s a no go. She does like to spend a lot of time with her head through the dog door watching what is happening and being part of the family. The dogs are my 14 year old German shepherd Bryn and 3 year old Rune, my standard poodle. Butterfly, the cat, makes a brief appearance. Note: Tinkerbell’s father was a Texel and her mother was a Romanov, Columbian, Polypay cross. Sheep are easy to take care of. To keep them happy and safe, you need a little shed for them and a dog proof paddock. A field of grass is also needed for maximum sheepy contentment. They are fed hay in the winter. Once a year they have to be shorn ( I get a professional sheep shearer to do it) and occasionally they need their hooves trimmed, which is easy to do yourself with a pair of sharp plyers.