Like the cat and crow on Facebook: I found this video clip while looking through some old VHS tapes I had laying around. This was recorded by my mother around 1999/2000; I’m glad she had the blank tape ready to go in the recorder when the show “Miracle Pets” came on. If anyone knows the current situation of these two friends, please post, we’re all curious. You might notice at 2:16 she dials the typical “555” number but then the scene switches to the front of the vet clinic. From the video clip, it’s easy to see the phone number of the clinic on the sign in front and then google the rest: Meker Veterinary Clinic 649 Washington St South Attleboro, MA 02703 (508) 399-8984 Here is a link with possibly more info: UPDATE 07/12/2009 I got this response from someone that claims to be a relative. I Know You Might Not Belive Me But I Am Dead Serious Those Are My Grandparents.. My Grandmother Died 4 Years Ago And my Grandfather Still lives In that House.The cat(Casey) Was Hit By a Car And it Didn’t Die But It Ran Away We Saw It Near My House It look Very Sick. We Never Saw It Again.The Crow Disappeared And We never saw it again and the cat seemed to be very sad. but yes i am the’re grandson. they lived in a old people trailer park in north attleboro ma next to a stop and shop. that vetraineran was the whole families vet and we always went and we still go there. so if you don’t belives me i can get you proof. thank you. Nathan Collito UPDATE 5/28