Q. How old are you? A. 22 (in this video) Q. Do you really talk like that/have a lisp? A. No, it’s a fake voice to make the video funnier. Q. You play video games, you must live in your mom’s basement, right? A. No, My fiancee and I live by ourselves in an apartment. Q. Is that all you do, play video games?! A. No, I go to school full time and am also working 2 part time jobs. Q. You should get a girlfriend and stop playing video games, OK? A. I have a girlfriend…fiancee actually, we’ve been together for 4 years and are currently engaged 🙂 Q. You made a joke about Mexicans…are you racist? A. No, comedians make jokes about race all the time. It was just a joke Q. This was funny until you started making fun of Mexicans. A. It was a joke, get over yourself. Q. Are you really this mean on Xbox Live? A. No, this was done out of good fun and I was trying to be ad*ck Q. You pick on little kids you suck! A. The little kid in this video had a good time and wasn’t mad in the end. Q. Do you really talk like that? A. No, check my other videos for proof and quit asking. Q. You’re fat A. You’re observant. 🙂 Q. Why would you post something like this? A. Why wouldn’t I? I currently have over 90000 views and also get paid through YouTube’s partnership program through revenue sharing. Wouldn’t you post stupid videos if you got paid to?! Thanks to everyone who subscribes and watches my videos. You guys are awesome! Music – mp3.tom7.org Used with great permission 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5