Pradeep reveals Mona that this time his promotion is confirm and also assures her that he will fullfil all the dreams of their kids later, he decides to celebrate the good news with Mona in a romantic way but Mona was more concerned about Bulbul’s case. Pradeep tries to give several indications to Mona about his Birthday but she avoids and Pradeep feels bad later, Anushka wishes him. Pradeep is upset in the office as Mona has not wished him, and on the other side, Mona is preparing for Pradeep’s surprise Birthday party at home. Anushka gives a huge surprise to Pradeep by taking him to an expensive suit shop, there Mona and Kids are waiting for him. Will Pradeep come home? What will be his reactions? Pradeep Singh and Mona Singh are a young couple living independently in Mumbai in a nuclear setup with their 3 kids- Bulbul (9), Rano (7) and Rajbir (5). They have been married for 10years now and they have dealt with several situations together in the past. Pradeep has stepped out of his father’s business and house and wants to carve his own niche. Mona has stood by him in this endeavor. Inspite of that Pradeep and Mona’s pot of joy is spilling over- they have 3 children and a life which revolves around work and children.Their biggest achievement, the children, is also what has created a wedge between them. Mona whose only priority was her husband today has 3 kids screaming for her attention and at times even demanding it. Hers is the classic case of a woman who ceases to
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