Haha what bad kids. It’s even more funny considering a couple of them had flak jacket and would have survived if they were alone – it’s a glitch where flak jacket reduction is ignored when nearby teammates take certain kinds of explosive damage like being stuck with a semtex. Click here to watch: The Go Hard Series // 5-Man ACE/Killcam by JBrookz www.youtube.com ————————————————————————— SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS – Must be HD – No copyrighted music – Attach the outro at the end (download links below) – Send a download link via YouTube message Outro download links: www.filefront.com www.zshare.net Make sure your clips are rendered properly (see this tutorial) www.youtube.com For copyright questions (see this guide) www.steveschwindt.com Outro Music: “Another One” by Grapes ccmixter.org Call of Duty Black Ops // The Go Hard Series // 5in1 Carepackage Boobytrap by VorticalErmine
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