Part Two of the Black Nerd at Power Morphicon 2010 mini-series. MORE VIDEOS 2ND CHANNEL: COMMENT: Which Power Ranger did you or do you have a crush on? WATCH PART 1: POWER MORPHICON 2010 (PART 2) : ROMANCES AND FANS: My coverage and one-on-one interviews at Power Morphicon 2010 continues. Part Two of this exclusive mini-series begins with Barbara Goodson reprising classic Rita Repulsa lines and various Power Rangers (including Jason David Frank) doing their morphs. Next we talk “Ranger Romances” – Which Power Rangers did other Power Rangers and fans have crushes on? Power Rangers fanship is also talked about, with a fan finding a lost toy for Rajia Baroudi (Delphine) and I joke around with a fan who bought a prop communicator. GUEST STARS: Karan Ashley (Aisha), Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd), Rajia Baroudi (Delphine), Nakia Burrise (Tanya), Erin Cahill (Jen), Tracy Lynn Cruz (Ashley), Jason David Frank (Tommy), Barbara Goodson (Rita), Linkara (, Audrey Dubois Marchionno (Trini – Pilot), Monica May (Z), Jason Narvy (Skull), Cerina Vincent (Maya), Selwyn Ward (TJ) #1 SPOTLIGHT VIDEO: United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Sweden TWEET ME: | FACE/SPACE: | BLACK NERD