Rajeev, Anil & Sameer Declare The Winner Of Cooking Competition Chawla Kids and other family members are eagerly waiting for the result thus Rajeev Sameer and Anil reveals their Wives and Mother that all the members have to vote and Kids voting will not be counted thus Juhi, Jennifer, Jyotsna and Jamuna caste their votes later, Rajeev, Anil and Sameer vote their Wives and all the 3 wives vote their Mother-in-law, as all of them wanted her Mother-in-law to win the cooking competition. All the members of Chawla family are sharing light moments together but Anil is tensed to see her Mother who was eagerly waiting for some one near the door, late in the night at around 12 thus, Rajeev reveals that every month of the 7th day his Mother waits for postman who brings Parcel for her so all of them try to find out the truth. Will Jamuna reveal Chawla family about her secret parcel? “The Series Is A Cross-Cultural Family Comedy And It Heavily Stresses On The Disparities That Co Exist In The Society It’s About A Family That Unites After 2 Decades. Three Brothers (38 To 45 Years) Who Have Been Living Separately With Their Own Individual Families Meet At Middle Brother’s House In Mumbai. All Are Raised In 3 Absolutely Contrasting Cultures. Younger Brother’s Family Has Come From US And Older Brother’s Family Is From A Small Village Of Gujarat – Called Pichur-Wadi! It’s A East Meets West In The Centre Situation Where 7 Years Child To 70 Years Grand-mother All Of Them With Various