Love makes people do crazy things. Like run across the country. See how strong running reunites a long distance couple. Brought to you by Nike Free Run+. Run Stronger. See the new FREE at Nike Running on Facebook Buy Shoe Now: Download the song: I Would Run To You Lyrics: You’re so far away. You’re so far away. Ain’t got too much pride. Want you back by my side. Well baby I want that too. And baby I would run, run to you. I would run to you. I would run to you. The first time you talked to me. I knew we were meant to be. And when we finally embraced. Baby, I can’t keep this pace. I love you. There I said it. I think I’m gonna need a medic. You filled the hall with flower petals. Why does my mouth taste like metal? Baby I might die without you. Baby, I might die. I would run to you. I’m not as strong as you. I would run to you. I (unintelligible heavy breathing) to you. Love is a speeding comet. I’m in a pool of my own vomit. Love is a perfect vision. This was such a bad decision. Love makes everything serene. Give me all of your morphine. (Spoken) Baby, I know we said we’d run across the country to be together, but I thought we were being symbolic. Why can’t we fly, and meet somewhere in the middle? Like Kansas City? It’s the Paris of the Plains… Baby I love you so much that I would run to you. You would run to me? You would run to me! Baby I love you so much that I would run to you. (Together) I (you) would
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