Episode 24 of “The Meth Minute” explores the phenomenon of Hollywood stars appearing in Japanese commercials. Personally, we think these are their finest performances. This cartoon stirs the soup with parodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Walken, Nicolas Cage, Mike Tyson and more. Search for the Real Japanese Commercials Online! Do it for the laughs! Directed by Dan Meth Starring: Tom Forget Devin Clark Matt Dorfman Eunkyu Kim Dan Meth Jill Bell Jane Flett Additional Art: Luis Cerrito Joshua Weisbrod James Sugrue Daisy Edwards Eunkyu Kim Music: Michael Karp Sound Design: Mark Vitelli Call our toll-free hotline: 1-866-575-1384 For more see: www.methminute.com Subscribe! http JOIN THE FREDERATION: Facebook! www.facebook.com @ChannelFred on Twitter! www.twitter.com Interweb! www.channelfrederator.com