A bunch of commercials that aired on NBC in 1988. 1. Mitsubishi Home Theater Systems (Awesome Ad here) 2. Almost Home Cookies (I sense trouble brewing in this relationship) 3. K-Mart (Woman-“How About a weight bench?” Man-“Very Funny…” :Smack:) 4. Promo for “Santa Barbara” (I don’t get it. Is he in a coma?) 5. Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (With Frankie Avalon and his son, Frankie Jr.) 6. Gallo Wines (“You’re the wine lady!” Man is that guy getting lucky…) 7. Apple IIGS (The ones at my elementary school were black & white) 8. Quaker Oats (With Wilford Brimley! Good Lord, look at that mustache! So Presidential!) 9. Campbell’s Home Cookin’ Soup (With the voice of Jimmy Stewart! Awesome!) 10. McDonald’s Holiday Huggable Muppet Babies (Awesome! I’m pretty sure I had the Kermit. Not sure where that went…) 11. Delta Airlines (Why the hell did she lie to her supervisor?) 12. Wrigley’s Gum (This is an epic 1 minute spot for every Wrigley’s product. Love that jingle) 13. Promo for “The Goddess Of Love” starring Vanna White (She’ll always spin the letters of my heart…) 14. Safeway Supermarket (Again, the low prices. Damn. And God, Bob Weir can’t act) 15. National Dairy Board for Butter (Wait…”Take off that”? What the hell? Why does butter need advertising, seriously? It’s freakin’ butter!) 16. Sprint (Wow. That guy needs therapy) 17. Toyota (Punch it Margaret!) 18. Socrates Video Technology (Reminds me of Mario Paint. I wonder how you feed the computer hemlock…) 19. Weight
Video Rating: 4 / 5